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Skype – Free Download Now

by poupet boris

In this modern digital age, it is impossible that you have never heard of video calling services. Skype is one such tool offered by Microsoft which brings free video calling feature to its users all across the globe. It is essentially a IP telephony service which brings completely free of cost calling among the subscribers and extremely low cost calling to people who are not a part of it. Its high point is the ability to make video calls but over the years it has improved its functionality by offering texting, file transfers, telephones calls to popular video chat and conferencing. Currently Microsoft has made Skype available on the IOS, Mac devices, Android and Windows platforms.

Features that make Skype number one among its competitors


Skype bring wide range of features across the verticals of calling, video, messaging, sharing and other categories. In the calling segment Skype allows free calls to Skype to Skype and extremely low rate calls on mobile and landlines. You can enjoy having long distance video calling from anywhere in the world without spending a single dime. Skype also brings the feature of group call wherein you can talk to up to 25 people in a single call which can add a new zing to your online calling capability. Skype calls are not sinister like other internet calling services as it lends you a distinct caller ID which helps in establishing your identity to others.

Apart from normal calls you can even enjoy video calling either one-to-one basis or group video calls. Skype video calling is used worldwide by individuals as well as companies for video conferencing purposes. On messaging front Skype offers an extensive range of mojis and emoticons to express ‘yourself’ in chats. You can send voice messages, text messages and video messages to your loved ones.

Sharing Made Easier In Skype


Apart from its core messaging and video calling features Skype has also integrated some of the most sough features in its framework which includes, file sharing, screen sharing, group screen sharing and sending of contacts. Users can simply drop or add files into their Skype chat to send it over to others while sharing screen will help in showcasing your computer screen to others. Other features include Skype Wifi which means you will able to get online by using public hotspots installed on global scale, Skype Translator offers intuitive way to chat with people speaking another language with ease and simplicity. You can share content present on different website with ease using the Share button and Skype extension brings incredibly fast access to the Skype features right into the browser.

You can easily enjoy the amazing service of Microsoft’s Skype video calling capabilities on your PC by simply downloading it for free from below listed download button! You will require creating a Microsoft account to long into the Skype and once it’s done you are free to interact with anyone across the globe without incurring any call charges.

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