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Handbrake Valet for PC – Windows XP/7/8/10 and Mac

by poupet boris

Who doesn’t like to drift cars and perform some awesome stunts when it is perfectly safe. Meagan Harrington has introduced their first game, Handbrake Valet in the app stores for both Android and iOS users. Based on the simple concept, Handbrake Valet is an amazing arcade game to showcase your drifting skills. The game play is vivid depicting a perfect scenario for drift and stunt lovers. When the game starts you are presented with a car and street full of cars parked on its both side, all you have to do is to pop the handbrake of car to make it drift between the parked cars. In between the parked cars there are random parking spaces, you are required to drift your car in such way that it perfectly occupies the empty space between cars without touching the already parked cars. The controls are very intuitive and easy to master however, the time calculation as to when you pop the handbrake for parking is the real deal. On successfully parking the car you win points and move forward in the game. As you move forward in the game, the parking scenarios becomes difficult and there comes a point when you smash you car with already parked cars, that’s where your game ends. At first the perfect parking won’t be easy as the cars are parked pretty closed to each other and the parking windows is very small, smash some cars while trying and eventually you’ll acquire pro skills. Handbrake Valet is completely free and you can easily download it from Google play store for your Android devices whereas if you an iOS users use iTunes app store.appsforpcplay_handbrake_velet

If you are already convinced with the game play Handbrake Valet is offering and looking for a way to drift on the big screens of PC’s (Windows and Mac), you have come to the right place. In this guide we will show you how you can play Handbrake Valet on your Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10 running PC/Laptop and OS X powered Macbook and iMac. Installing Handbrake Valet on your PC will let you enjoy the amazing drifting experience in HD graphics without worrying about the battery life of your smart device. One important thing you should take into your account is that you cannot directly install Handbrake Valet on your PC’s as it is an Android based game. In order to install Handbrake Valet on your Windows PC and Mac OS X, you’ll be needing an Android Emulator. Android Emulators are third-party applications which turn your PC’s into a virtual Android device by installing the Android OS. For your ease we have also included the instructions in our methods, follow them to install Android Emulator on your PC (Windows and Mac).

Head over to the next page to learn the installation method of Handbrake Valet for PC using Android Emulators like BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2 and Andy OS.

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