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Give Your PC Superior Protection With Sunbelt Personal Firewall

by poupet boris

Sunbelt Personal Firewall, previously known as Kerio firewall is a freeware and as the name indicates is a firewall software package for Windows. Basically it is a firewall program that protects your PC from unauthorized access by other computers or by malicious programs that aim to steal your personal information. SPF comes in two usable versions, a full functional version with paid license for commercial use and a free version with reduced functions for a more personal and non-commercial use. The free version allows you to reap the benefits of the software for 30 days after which you can chose to opt for the paid license. The main function of SPF is monitoring outgoing and incoming traffic and filtering them accordingly. Your inbuilt Windows firewall is not capable of filtering outgoing traffic and thus if your PC has been infected by a malware, the firewall won’t be able to stop transmission of personal info. Sunbelt personal Firewall is designed in such a way that it can protect your Windows operating system that is connected to the internet via cable, DSL, Dial up, Wifi and ISDN.


Some Exclusive Features That SPF Provides


Unlike many firewall software out there, Sunbelt Personal Firewall offers its users a simple interface and quite a handful of options to tweak with. For commercial users, SPF acts as a brick wall protecting your computer’s security and integrity against vicious malwares.


  • With Sunbelt personal firewall, you are provided with a powerful Host Intrusion and prevention System (HIPS).
  • With SPF you can configure both trusted and internet zones separately.
  • Successfully block ads and annoying pop ups on websites, that contain malicious programs and harm your computer.
  • Maintain your privacy while browsing the internet by disabling cookies.
  • Add or remove multiple websites from the exceptions list. You can also block countless number of sites from accessing your PC’s personal information.
  • With Application Behavior Blocking, you can put a stop to programs triggering other programs to run independently which slows down your PC.
  • Kernel Monitoring prohibits the installation of potentially dangerous drivers that may otherwise bypass your firewall inspection.
  • With SPF every application is given a MD5 signature so that Trojan horses cannot exhibit themselves as trusted applications.


You can access the full features of Sunbelt personal firewall in the 30 day trial pack after which its functions would be limited and additional features that are not important to firewall protection would be removed.

Should You Have Sunbelt Personal Firewall On Your PC?


SPF provides users a choice between silent background operations and a full control of your system firewall. With the complete version enabled, Sunbelt personal Firewall provides unmatched system security. Having full control over your firewall gives you the much needed flexibility and allows you to manually exclude programs from the trusted software lists. This prevents viruses and malicious software from escaping the firewall inspection. User friendly interface and tons of security options makes this a must have for your PC.

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