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Download WindowBlinds – The Most Popular Windows Software for Skin Formatting

by poupet boris

In the contemporary society, the uses of computers have almost touched the zenith and there almost nothing left, where the computer doesn’t have any inputs. It is a well-known fact that since last two decades, the computer technology has gone through a massive change and there are some most innovative and user-friendly developments, which have influenced the computer world in a very big way. There are some individuals and companies, who have been playing their important role, which has helped the massive growth of computer technology, in general. Since the inception, the computer has witnessed some great computer program developments, which are quite fascinating and most useful for any user. The WindowBlinds is one such computer program that allows the user to skin interface of the Windows graphical user. The popularity of this particular program is so massive that it has already been downloaded by millions of potential users, throughout the globe.


Important Features

The Windows software, WindowBlinds was developed by the Stardock in 1998 and from the very first day of launching, it becomes one of the most popular programs for the computer enthusiasts. It is considered as the most admired component of the company’s flagship computer set, Object Desktop. This is available in a separate form and also as ActiveX/COM module, known as DirectSkin. The WindowBlinds skins are coming in two configures; one is “Basic” (UIS 1+) and the other one is known as “Advanced” (UIS2) and their respective characteristics are as follows:

  • Basic (UIS 1+): Regardless of the name; this “basic” skin formatting tool can be of great help in creating the skins with full features and this is the reason; it is quite popular also in these days. The principal advantages of the UIS 1+ are its performances; as per the claim of the developer, this version in Windows XP’s “Luna” illustration style is almost twice fast in resizing and repainting and also popular for its nature of extreme compatibility.
  • Advanced (UIS 2): This particular skin format version is helping the user in developing intended skin designing, while it is not been possible with the “Basic” version. These skins are having wider borders in some of its places or none by any means. This particular formatting version may have the feature of the title bar backdrop animation or the unique use of the scripting features. This advance format offers the highest level of flexibility at the cost of somewhat reduced performance.


Since the inception of the WindowBlinds; it has gone through the continuous process of development and uplifting in a very spectacular manner, which made this the most popular skin formatting option in the world of computers. Not only the singular option but the provision of compound skins made this the easier and helpful in providing alternate adaptations of skins. The user can comfortably go for some customization in skin designing, such as; color, scripting, font controls and also supports for some other controls, which made this the most advanced and popular skin formatting vehicle and a clear leader in the race for the supremacy.

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