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Download Recuva – The Outstanding Recovery Tool

by poupet boris

In the era of massive technological advancement, especially the invention of the computer and the internet; the entire scenario has changed and now in almost every span of our life, some sort of the computer or digital touch can be seen, which helps us in our daily life to a great extent. The computers made it very easy to prepare and transfer of data and in this process; lots of different natures of data are being created and stored worldwide in almost every second. These data are having their own importance and especially for the respective user and in no way, they would like to get those data be lost or deleted from the device at any cost. But, it is often found that after lots of security measures and cautious approaches; the deletion of data, by accident or any other reason occurrs and it is considered as the most annoying loss for any user. To resolve this unwanted and disturbing issue of accidental deletion; there are lots of software are available in the market, which is having the potential of recovering the deleted data in almost its original form. The Recuva is one such extremely user-friendly file or data recovery tool, which is being used by millions of people, across the globe.

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Important Characteristics


Almost each and every computer user has gone through the most frustrating experience of data loss, which is more often happened even with the most cautious user, with all possible safeguards being at the right place. This is the reason; one should have a good quality data recovery tool like the Recuva, which may provide the most effective and trustworthy supports in recovering the lost data with all possible technical inputs. Not only from the computer; with the help of this tool one can easily recover any accidentally deleted files from other devices, such as; USB drive, memory card, mp3 player and also from photo memory card, which is quite a good assistance for any user. The process of recovery of data, with this unique tool, is quite an easy task as the useful recovery wizard use to take all required guesswork to find out the lost files. All that the user has to do; the selection of the type of files that they wants to find and recover e.g. emails, photos, videos, presentations, music etc. and its tentative location such as; media card, hard disc or recycle bin. The Recuva do the entire requisite search, only to find out the recoverable files and rest depends on the user to sort the files to be recovered.



Like other software tools; the Recuva also going through the extensive research and development and in this process have made some recent changes, which are as follows:


  • Additions of some important features like specific text searching in any deleted file, regular matching of expression to the specific filter, primary support for the Windows 8.


  • Lots of minor User Interface, UI, are being improved.

Improvement of the recovery of the compressed files from the specific drive of non-cluster size.

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