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Customize Unique Features of Your Keyboard Using IntelliType – Free Download

by poupet boris

Intellitype is a device driver software developed by Microsoft for enhancing the user experiences of using standard keyboards. Along with intellitype there is its counterpart, Intellipoint that deals with customization to computer mouse. Buyers can reassign keyboard functions to better suit their active approach. Intellitype comes as a package with the Windows operating system. Apart from that, it can also be downloaded from the Microsoft website. For Microsoft Operating system, Intellitype is supported on Windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP. For Windows 8 and above. Intellitype has been replaced with Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard software.

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What Are The Advantages Provided To Us By Intellitype?

Intellitype, the keyboard customization software has its features focussed on the keyboard experience. Here are some of the characteristics that have made it mandatory for keyboards:


  • Support for major operating system

This Microsoft software has both Windows versions as well as Os X version for Apple products. So users can customize the way their standard keyboard works and not worry about it being a non-Windows Operating system.


  • Support for an array of Keyboards

This driver software supports all keyboards from media centre keyboards to those which are consigned as sector of desktop sets. Once this driver is downloaded in the operating system, users have to select their keyboard type from the list provided by intellitype. Accordingly, customers will be able to access the features of his/her keyboard. The wide range of keyboards that is compatible with Intellitype ranges from internet keyboard, Wireless Bluetooth keyboard to Laser, entertainment and multimedia keyboards. For Intellitype version 8.2 and above, users don’t have to choose their keyboard type as it detects that automatically. If there is more than 1 keyboard attached to the computer system, then enjoyer will have to manually select as each device will have different settings. For Intellitype support to Bluetooth keyboard, Operating system must be Windows XP with dedicated installation of service pack 2.


  • Ease of usage

Handing of Intellitype is an effortless activity. After launching the intellitype software, users need to go to Microsoft keyboard Window from the start menu. Under Microsoft keyboard, choose key settings. A Window opens with the customization panel. For modifying any key, users need to double click on the desired key and choose appropriate editing options and then click “ok”.


  • Diversity of customization

Intellitype is most useful for laptop users as there are many useful buttons in desktop keyboards which goes missing in Laptop. Users can reassign such functioning to specific buttons on the keyboard. Reallocate one of the many keyboard button to perform functions as opening a webpage or file or make it to perform certain commands as Find and replace, Show or other application based actions. Many times we unintentionally press certain buttons on the keyboard like Capslock, shift and other alphanumeric buttons. To get over this anxiety, purchasers can disable and modify certain keys on the keyboard using intellitype.

Apart from these considerable features, the most critical reason for you to download this driver is the fact of it being a Freeware! Yes, it can be downloaded for free. So to customize according to your specific needs, download this software now and join the million other users experiencing its advantages globally. Give this freeware a chance to make you one among their zillion fans.

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